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A Quiet, Restful Night's Sleep 
Many people share the ongoing problems of snoring and sleep apnea. These conditions are caused by a narrowing or collapse of the airway during sleep. Oral Airway Dilator Appliances are devices designed to re-position the lower jaw so the air can flow freely. Use of these appliances reduces or eliminates snoring and can manage sleep apnea, leading to quieter, more restful night's sleep. 

Southwest Sleep Solutions can help you by treating your sleep apnea or snoring, 

The Initial Evaluation & Consultation
The initial visit with Dr. Quintana is specifically to take a detailed history of the sleep disorder. The Sleep Study is then reviewed, followed by a thorough clinical examination that is specific to the head, neck, and airway. This examination is for the preparation of the fabrication of the Oral Appliance. Following the examination and testing, Dr. Quintana will discuss the findings, as well as a review of the available oral appliances. A specific health management plan will be designed by Dr. Quintana in conjunction with your Sleep Medicine Physician. 

Below you will find the New Patient packet for Sleep Apnea patients. Please feel free to fill it out at your convenience and bring with you to your first appointment.
Southwest Sleep Solutions is sleep apnea treatment operated through Quintana Dental Practice. If you have any additional concerns outside of treatment for sleep apnea, or are also in need of dental care, we would be happy to serve you. You can visit the practice website in the drop down menu above, under Contact Us.